Most Expensive Holiday in the World

At a hefty price tag of £1 million, this is probably the world’s most expensive travel package and a once in a lifetime experience that will remain a dream for the average joe.

What’s the deal?
The ultimate journey will last for 2 years and cover 150 countries and 962 World Heritage locations including Mexico’s ancient city of Monte Alban, India’s sensational Taj Mahal, Jordon’s symbol the Petra, Cambodia’s exotic Angkor temples, Spain’s Moorish Alhambra, Egypt’s Great Pyramids, China’s enchanting Forbidden City, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Iran’s Pasargadae, Libya’s Leptis Magna and Peru’s Machu Picchu sitting 8.000 ft above sea level.
world heritage Monte Alban Taj Mahal Petra Angkor Moorish Alhambra Egypt Pyramids Forbidden City Great Barrier Reef Pasargadae Leptis Magna Machu Picchu

Travel In style with business class as a minimum standard and luxurious hotel stays including Barbados’ Sandy Lane, Paris’ Hotel George V, New York’s The Plaza, Mumbai’s The Taj Mahal Palace, Venice’s Cipriani Hotel and Moscow’s The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
Barbados Sandy Lane Paris Hotel George V NY The Plaza Taj Mahal Venice Cipriani Moscow Ritz Carlton

You can bring a partner for free

For the record, one Chinese student and an Italian businessman have already signed up to embark on this 2 year adventure. Yes, you’ve remembered right. The cost is £1 million!!

Watch this space in 2 years’ time for more updates!

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