Gordon Ramsay vs Singapore Hawkers Cook Off

20130706-114208.jpg Guess who has just gotten his passport chopped in Singapore!

Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay has accepted the challenge to take on Singapore’s top 3 hawkers in a culinary showdown. Ramsey will be in Singapore from 5-7 July to learn how to cook the 3 local dishes Chilli crab, Chicken rice and Laksa for the first 2 days before the very awaited competition on 7 July.

So, who will win? Will Singapore’s local hawker food be up to standards of Michelin star standards?

*** Update ***
The hawker heroes have won!
Cook Off #1 Chicken Rice: Hawker Madam Foo (Tian Tian Chicken Rice)
Cook Off #2 Chilli Crab: Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay
Cook Off #3 Laksa: Hawker Mr Ryan Koh (328 Katong Laksa)

For more information, please visit http://www.hawkerheroes.com